Divvy Data

Historical trip data available to the public

Historical trip data available to the public

Here you'll find Divvy's trip data for public use. So whether you're a policy maker, transportation professional, web developer, designer, or just plain curious, feel free to download it, map it, animate it, or bring it to life!

Note: This data is provided according to the Divvy Data License Agreement and released on a monthly schedule.

The Data
Each trip is anonymized and includes:

  • Trip start day and time
  • Trip end day and time
  • Trip start station
  • Trip end station
  • Rider type (Member, Single Ride, and Day Pass)

The data has been processed to remove trips that are taken by staff as they service and inspect the system; and any trips that were below 60 seconds in length (potentially false starts or users trying to re-dock a bike to ensure it was secure).

You can get live station info on our station GBFS JSON feed.