Divvy docked scooter

Meet the Divvy scooter

Divvy scooters are your time-saving, sweatless ride around town. Just kick off and press the throttle to get going.

Divvy Scooter Chicago backdrop

Glide through Chicago

Scooters give you the power to zip over bridges, zoom through your commute, and roll around the Loop.


Price by the minute
Annual members pay $0.25/min (plus tax)
Non-members pay $1.00 to unlock and $0.39/min (plus tax)
Divvy for Everyone members pay $0.10/min (plus tax) and get a $10 monthly credit—which is 200 minutes free!

How to park
You can either dock or lock your scooter (not both at once). Dock at any Divvy station or use the cable to lock at any e-station for no additional cost.

For an extra $1 for Divvy members and $2 for non-members, you can lock your scooter to any public bike rack, light pole, signpost, or retired parking meter within the service area.

Avoid parking fees
Please don’t lock the scooter to itself or any other structures, including private property or trees. And be sure not to block pathways, sidewalks, or ramps. These parking violations will result in an extra $25 fee.

Start scootin’ safely
We always recommend you wear a helmet, brake gradually, and be cautious in traffic when riding a Divvy scooter.

Divvy Scooter Map Update

Stay within the scooter service area

Lyft scooters are available within the purple service area on the map. If you leave parked scooters outside of this area, you’ll be fined.*