How to be an A+ scooter-er

Learn the rules of the ride so you can scoot more safely, avoid fees, and be a star scooter student.

Scooter 101

There are three ways to unlock a scooter:

  • Scan the QR code between the handlebars.
  • Enter the ID located by the front wheel.
  • Use a key fob to unlock scooters at Divvy stations.

Then, put the kickstand up and kick off with your right or left foot. Whatever scoots your fancy. Turn the throttle to adjust your speed.

Rules to ride by

Start slow
The max speed for your first ride is 10 MPH. After that, you can go up to 15 MPH.

Avoid sidewalks
Ride on the street or in bike lanes. We recommend always wearing a helmet, braking gradually, and being alert in traffic.

One person per scooter
Scootering is fun with friends—just make sure everyone rides their own scooter.

Scooter riders must be 16+ years or older.

Where to ride

You can scoot anywhere inside the Scooter Zone except The 606, Lakefront Path, and the Riverwalk. Stay within:

  • Damen Avenue
  • Armitage Avenue
  • Pershing Road
  • Lake Shore Drive

If you ride outside the Scooter Zone, your scooter will automatically slow down. That’s your sign to go back into the zone.

Parking outside the Scooter Zone results in a $25 fee.


How to park

Park for free at Divvy stations
Insert the front of the scooter into the dock. Wait for the green light.

At Divvy e-stations, lock your scooter to the rack with the cable.

Park outside Divvy stations
Lock your scooter to a public bike rack, light pole, or signpost. Parking outside Divvy stations is an extra $1.20 for members and $2.40 for non-members.

Don’t lock scooters to private property or trees. Avoid blocking pathways, sidewalks, or ramps. Parking violations result in a $25 fee.

Scooter pricing

Annual members: Free to unlock + $0.29/min (plus tax)
Non-members: $1.00 to unlock and $0.44/min (plus tax)
Divvy for Everyone members: Free to unlock + $0.10/min (plus tax)

Pricing details