A bike for every rider

Whether you stick with the classic or can’t wait to get on our pedal-assist ebikes, the Divvy fleet brings you the ride you’ve been waiting for.

Divvy’s newest ebike

The latest bike to join the Divvy fleet has amazing state-of-the-art features:

  • New bike seat that’s easier to adjust, and can go lower and higher than either of the other bikes.
  • Seamless, single gear transmission.
  • A powerful illuminated light ring and retroreflective paint to add even more visibility to the ebike at night!
Meet the new ebike

The original ebike

Our ebike uses always-on pedal-assist technology for a smooth, breezy ride. Dock them at a station or use the cable lock at an e-station or public bike rack within the service area.

Meet the original ebike

The classic bike

Designed for an urban environment, the classic was built to be durable, comfortable, adjustable, and easy to maneuver for most riders. Dock them at a station to end your ride.

Meet the classic bike

Now you’re ready to learn the rules of the road!

We have some quick safety tips for you to make sure every ride is a smooth one.