Bike Angels

It’s a two-way street. As a Bike Angel, you ride bikes from crowded stations to those that are running low on bikes, making the system work better for everyone. And in return, those rebalancing rides will add up to sweet rewards.

Remember to update your app to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Sign up in the app

Rack up points on the daily

Becoming a Bike Angel is easier than you think. Once you sign up and start seeing points on your Divvy map, it’ll take just a few seconds of quick math to see how you can make the ride you were already going to take — to work, coffee, yoga in the park — earn you rewards.

Gimme the skinny

Get in: Become a Bike Angel in your Divvy app. (Rides from your connected Lyft app will still earn you points.)

Get going: Find a crowded station and grab a bike. Next, spot a station that’s looking low on wheels and needs a Bike Angel to dock a bike ASAP.

Get rewarded: After completing a few rebalancing rides, watch the points add up. You can choose which rewards to redeem from the rewards shop in the Bike Angels profile in the app.

What to do with those points

The more you ride, the more cool stuff you can earn. There are fresh rewards for you to redeem as you rack up points. Special rewards await you as you reach new points milestones over the life of your membership.


Pro tips

Here’s some insider info on how to make your rides more rewarding.

Join Bike Angels

You can’t start earning if you don’t sign up.